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Components necessary for running a successful business entity are inthese modern times in seemingly continuous state of flux. Innovativetechnological advancements have precipitated the need for businessowners to apply these new technologies appropriately to keep in touchwith customer changing trends in a highly competitive and dynamicmarket (Weideman, 2013). As such, web presence is now a criticalelement in determining the success of an individual’s future careerdevelopment. This essay seeks to appreciate the importance of the webpresence as the driving force for most career people andentrepreneurs as well as discuss its possible disadvantages.

By holding interviews with different individuals in business-orientedcareers, this paper will comprehensively address the disadvantagesand advantages of web presence in furthering one`s future careeraspirations.

Web presence

Contrary to what previous generations could have considered as thenorm, the Generation Y age group has completely embraced the Internetas a niche factor in positioning themselves in today’s workingworld. This age group born between 1980 and 2000, also known as themillennial generation comfortably perceive that more can be achievedthrough a strong and diverse presence made available by the Internetand more so social networking sites (Eszter, 2013). Through Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, personal blogs or other Internetchannels such as YouTube, individuals have the ability to make hugeprogress in advancing their future and current career aspirations(Adams, 2013) (Smith, 2013).

It is important to note that just as in the past, a successfulprofessional career is pegged on how well one communicates his or herpresence as a promising, able and worthy business mind to other inthe business world. The Internet has simplified the once cumbersomeand tedious tasks associated with portraying one`s professionalprofiles to others by offering on-line presence to every interestedindividual (Weideman, 2013). Web presence has enabled individualprofessional profiles to be easily accessible, visible, promotecareer objectives, enhance revenue collection, expand businessportfolio, market penetration in one simple and interactive package(Smith, 2013).

Through the adoption of new on-line tools such as social networkingsites, e-commerce websites, career guidance blogs just to name but afew, the mainstream business world has been transformed by a globalmarket presence. As such, there are new and innovative on-lineservices being development to enhance the on line experience forindividuals in different business oriented careers.

Advantages of webpresence

Education is aprocess that requires commitment, sharing of information, and greatinsight on people’s behaviors. In advancing my career in education,I have realized that the internet is the most critical aspect ofsuccess. Today, blogs, teleconferencing, websites for endorsinginformation, and web 2.0 tools such as VoiceThread have proved toobeneficial to ignore. In most cases, I have found it appealing toadvance my career through the internet rather than ordinaryplatforms. In fact, I have realized that the internet can provideevery information I require regarding education subjects,enlightenment, insight, and analysis provided I use the rightchannels.

I continue toaddress the numerous dilemmas I encounter in my educational endeavorsthrough the internet, and most importantly through the differentvirtual and digital tools available to people. One cannot disregardthe importance of the internet in the current existence sincealthough it has its share of negativity it remains the main driversof careers, welfare, businesses, processes, and awareness. As such,the internet has been my single most effective tool in advancingteaching practices, assessment, and collaboration. In fact, theinternet has cultivated different tools that I have used tocollaborate with other people and share information such asVoiceThread and WebQuest.

An interview withAdams a business professional with The Tribute Media

Myself: How woulddescribe the proliferation use of web in today’s businessstructures?

Adams: The internetis an intuitive platform that allows people to share information andcultivate knowledge.

Myself: Does theinternet advance people’s careers?

Adams: Of course,yes, the internet is an amazing place that people use to progresstheir careers and enlarge their knowledge

Myself: Is presenceof web a deterrent or negative aspect to people?

Adams: People whounderstand the importance of the internet know that it is the mosteffective and positive tool if used appropriately. However, if usedhaphazardly it can gave devastating effects to people

Myself: How wouldyou describe the internet experience?

Adams: The internethas been around for sometimes and it has helped people increase theirawareness, made them rich, and eased life, so I would say it is thebest experience one can get.

An interview with Adams a business professional with The TributeMedia website provides rich insights into the many advantages that anindividual can employ web presence towards realizing future careerobjectives (Adams, 2013).

As mentioned earlier, businesses are able to reach a global audiencewith good web presence. This is an obvious advantage as the Internetis a global tool accessed by billions of people worldwide. The worldhas more than 235 domain names with over 700 million websites as of2013 (Weideman, 2013). On the other hand, current statistics estimatethat there are 4 users per website, which means more than 2.8 billionpeople, use the Internet. People have also turned to the Internet togather information that will allow them accomplish their objectives.

This implies that with good web presence, an individual or businesscan have access to an otherwise unimaginable consumer base (Eszter,2013). Even in the instance that a business may have only a localfoothold, the Internet as a business tool can enable a company togrow into a global empire as has been the case with companies such asAmazon.

People research for business on-line. This implies that in thecomfort of one’s home or office, one can get whatever he or sheneeds, whether product or service, be it employment, information,cutting edge technology or presumably obsolete goods at the click ofa button. Through web presence, an individual is able to attractemployers to seek desired employee attributes in his or herprofessional profile.

Web presence is readily accessible from any location and at any timewhere Internet technology is available. This implies that even if abusiness has closed down for stock taking or any other reason, itsweb presence is available on-line for anyone willing to accessinformation on the business be it goods and services on offer oravailable career development opportunities (Li, 2013) (EmoryUniversity Digital Scholarship Commons, 2001). As such, web presenceaccords customers with up to date information on prevailing marketconditions, products and business opportunities. It is worthy to notethat The Internet offers millions of opportunities with this regardenabling customers to respond to information that suits them thebest.

Websites once created are not only easily updated through blogs,which relay information on the latest market trends and marketsituations but also server to encourage customers to keep in-touchwith business of interest (ReachCast, 2013).

Web presence also accords stability. Even if an individual orbusiness is changing its location, on-line presence remains localizedand as such, information on such relocations is easily relayed toclients and customers (Li, 2013). Businesses as well as individualsare treated to timely feedback during on-line interactions. As such,it is possible for business and individuals to statisticallyunderstand what the market trends are and as such repositionoperations to reach the targeted customers.

Through web presence, businesses are able to easily establishthemselves as brands via on-line advertising and marketing(ReachCast, 2013). This not only reduces marketing costs but alsooffers a great way with which to update customers on new businessdevelopments.

Disadvantages of webpresence

An interview withAdrian a business professional with The Company Warehouse

Myself: How woulddescribe the increased use of web in today’s business structures?

Adrian: Most peoplesee the internet as the most effective source of information but itis not the best

Myself: Does theinternet advance people’s careers?

Adrian: It dependson the type of careers. In some instances, the internet has robbedpeople of their careers

Myself: Is presenceof web a deterrent or negative aspect to people?

Adrian: It dependson the attitude of the people. For some, it is a social platform toolwhile for other it is a tool of advancing their ideas

Myself: How wouldyou describe the internet experience?

Adrian: The internethas its shares of disadvantages but it can transform societies

An interview with Adrian a business professional with The CompanyWarehouse website provides rich insights into a number ofdisadvantages associated with having an on-line presence (Adrian,2010). Some business entrepreneurs are often hesitant to employ webpresence for a number of reasons. These include highly vocal anddisgruntled customers who may disorientate the loyal businesscommunity and damage a business` reputation. As much as an on-linecommunity is indeed a great marketing tool, there is the need for aviable and strategic marketing plan. Marketing is in itself adistinct discipline, which is vital for an organization to positionitself in line with organizational objectives in a given market place(Weideman, 2013). As such, good on-line marketing practices requirebusinesses to devote significant resources to towards planning andexecution. For instance, an organization will require recruiting oroutsourcing information technology staff or consultants to installand maintain necessary technical aspects of the organizationalnetwork infrastructure, as well as individuals with competent socialmedia marketing skills (Adrian, 2010). This is to ensure responsivecontent development, monitoring members’ interactions, managingreputation and customer relations services as well as data mining andanalysis a business` on-line community generates.


A robust strategy for developing and managing an individual orbusiness oriented web presence is toenhance the advantages andminimize on all possible drawbacks. Firstly, have an objective inmind before inception. Possible goals may include attracting newcustomers as well as increasing loyalty among existing target on-linecommunity. Customer feedback is critical and as such monitoringcomplaints and availing timely response is essential for success.Choice of the desired Internet platform is also a key determinant inensuring that envisioned goals are attainable with the desiredoutcomes.

Once the target on-line community profiles and pages are effectivelyin place regular, update posts are vital. It is also good practice toplan on how to react towards negative feedback in a timely andeffective manner without censoring senders. Finally, updates shoulddesist from imposing promotional information on the targetedaudiences and should instead offer compelling, relevant content, andencourage for discussion forums. Therefore, the higher participationthe greater the chances of reaping the benefits of a good webpresence in ones future aspirations in a business oriented career.


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