Value of Human Beings Author Views

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Valueof Human Beings: Author Views

Accordingto Shakespeare, human beings are the most perfect of the livingthings. Human beings are not only different from internal abilities,but also external abilities that differentiate him from other livingthings. According to Hardie (107), the abilities to use varioussenses and excellent reasoning make human beings superior species.According to Shakespeare, the internal abilities include the abilityto reason, express emotions, learn and express feelings. In addition,human beings are differentiated by external abilities ofunderstanding the environment and expressing the beauty compared withother animals.

Accordingto Gould, human beings developed by chance through evolution that ledto the current form. The view of Gould is that the value of humanbeings is based on the ability to develop into something differentcompared to the current form. This view shows his opinion on thenature of evolution that shows the value of a human being that isgreater and complex. It is complex because the evolution processcontinues to occur as a result of the exposure to the environment.The view by Gould further indicates that the environment is necessaryfor a human being to evolve.

Iagree with Gould’s view on the evolution of a human being and theinevitability of change due to the environment. This is because, justlike a twig on the bush that grows into something new, the evolutionprocess of a human being has changed with the environment. This meansthat after the exposure to the environment, human beings undergo anatural and a complex evolution that occurs from the influence of thesurroundings. In an agreement with Gould, I tend to think that humanbeings would develop into the same form even if the evolution tookplace on another planet.


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