The Masters of One`s Destiny PART I

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The Masters of One`s Destiny



Human beings were just mere Creations of God. We are all formed onthe thoughts and imaginations that He had created on His minds. Assuch, we are among the best Creations and probably His greatest workas the Supreme Power. Yet, God wanted to train us, provide each oneof us certain challenges, pains, and obstacles, because He knew rightfrom the start that we can surpass all of these, if we truly believein Him.

Humans are not perfect. We all experience the ups and downs of life.We often experience trials and tragedies in life, the same way thatwe experience greatness, solidarity and happiness in life. We are allbound to one culture, and that is the traditional culture of how Godhad formed us. We all live in different customs and traditions as wetry to make amends for our own development and improvement as anindividual. Then again, as one unified culture of God`s Creation, weare all expected to return His favor.

God wanted us to live in a normal and happy life, without so muchhatred and pains as primary reasons why we do bad and ignore Hisprecious gifts. We aim for self-development and self-maturity asindividuals. Hence, we are the masters of our own destiny. We aim forgreater things in life. As part of one culture, we are to live,interact, and make necessary adjustments regarding our communicationand interaction with other people. We are all expected to return Hisgreatest favor, to be a good follower and leader.

The Masters of One`s Destiny

1. As what Mark Twain wrote in hisbook entitled Adventuresof Huckleberry Finn (1885),&quotYes,just as that man has got that son raised at last and ready to go towork and begin to do some thin` for him and give him a rest, the lawup and goes for him&quot, this line focused more on circumstances inlife in which we tend to rest from all the pains and sacrifices anindividual experience in his life. Everything in the world needs timeto grow and develop for its self-improvement. It is just a matter ofhow will you get back and show to other people your self-developmentupon the circumstances that you have experienced. Comparing it withother quotations, it tackles more on how to improve and developourselves through our ups and downs of life.

2. Just like Mark Twain, MaxineHong Kingston believed that the traditional customs and traditions ofevery human race are indeed essential in upholding self-developmentfor each of us. She stated in his work entitled ChinaMen (1980) that &quotThatwasn`t a custom… We made it up. We can make up customs becausewe`re the founding ancestors of this place.&quot We have attainedsuch kind of generation today because of these customs and traditionsthat we lived for. Life as a continuous of self-development which canbe connected to upholding one`s traditional values and practices.Without these customs and traditions that we partake in our pastexperiences, self-growth and development cannot be easily attained.Our love for our country, the perception of the society againstwomen, and different human race are all part of traditional way ofliving which is continuously evolving. It signifies more on how weshould value our traditional practices as means of attainingself-growth, and not with the challenges and trials we experienced inour lives.

3. Related to the viewpoints madeby Kingston and Twain are the works of Sandra Cisneros` WomanHollering Creek (1991)and Toni Morrison`s TheBluest Eyes (1970). InCisneros` work, she stated that &quotWomen who establish identitiesfor themselves, but also develop an independent, confident, evenexultant sexuality.&quot Her main objective for writing her book wasto provide a stand of the women who were often be misunderstood andneglected because of their gender and their the lack of strength,emotional distress, and the overall quality to gain self-developmentand independence. We all share common knowledge, goals andaspirations for self-growth and acceptance. As part of traditionarycustoms, women are considered equal with that of men. Thus, equaltreatment and affection with each other must be a dominant form ofexpression and acceptance as one form of abstract Creation of God. Itwas these women who must be given priority that should gainself-growth and development and not focus on the challenges in life.

4. Toni Morrison said in his bookthat, &quotThe difference between colored people and niggers…Colored people are neat and quiet niggers are dirty and loud.&quotHe explained his side mainly on racial discrimination to those groupsof people, especially the Niggers that, we are all equal ineverything because we all possess unique abilities andcharacteristics that made each of us stand out among others. We arebounded by the customs that we have that changes our views andperceptions about life. Connected with the traditional practices fromKingston`s explanations that every human race has, we should notlimit ourselves to our society, hence, we must develop our ownself-growth as mentioned in Twain`s book. Hence, the development andprogress of one`s country depends on how people view and interactwith each other, depending on our own beliefs, and through thesethings, we strive for development and progress in life.

5. In 2009, Zora Neale Hurstonwrote a book entitled Their Eyes Were Watching God,which mainly tackled the great works of how God guide us in oureveryday lives. In her book, it is noted that, &quotJanieknew that God tore down the old world every evening and built a newone by sun-up. It was wonderful to see it take form with the sun andemerge from the gray dust of its making.” Whether we have differentreligions and different cultural beliefs stated by Kingston aboutwhom our lives need to be entrusted upon, we all share similarthoughts of how God will guide us and protect us from everything thathad experienced in our lives. Twain, Kingston, Cisneros, andMorrison`s works have all been depend on the capability of how Godwould want each one of us to act and respond upon the challenges inlife. With our ups and down in life mentioned by Twain, with ourdecision making, with our personal circumstances in life, etc. God isalways ready to accept us in His most profound way. We are allsinners, yet we are hungry for self-motivation and assurance that inthe end, we aim for growth and improvement.

6. Ernest Hemingway, in his work entitled InOur Time stated that&quotHer American lovenever wrote back.&quot Love has been the most creative, yetthe most destructive form of emotion and abstract feelings. There aretimes that love began to disappear as we no longer strive forimprovement and self-satisfaction. Nevertheless, we strive for abetter personality and growth because we love ourselves. Our love forour culture stated by Kingston, our appreciation of the challenges inlife mentioned by Twain, our acceptance with the different humanraces stated by Morrison, the value of women in the society byCisneros, and most importantly, the works of God mentioned inHurston`s, all of these exemplified the love of our nation and of ourcountry, the American destiny.

7. In Thomas Paine`s work, CommonSense (2012), he saidthat &quotThe science of the politician consists in fixingthe true point of happiness and freedom. Those men would deserve thegratitude of ages, who should discover a mode of government thatcontained the greatest sum of individual happiness, with the leastnational expense.&quot Our love for country mentioned by Hemingwaycan also be equated to our love for our own government. Atpresent, various government actions have influenced our own abilitiesand responses against the true freedom, self-development, andcustomary traditions that we all achieved. The government has been apart of the cultural tradition of every human race. They wereconsidered as leaders who would guide us in attaining growth anddevelopment as what Twain stated vin his work. One`s happiness, love,and solidarity of one`s self are prerequisites in achieving a healthylife and motivation for growth. Itis on our hands how will we let others influence us, or how will wetreat and manage their actions and provide an impact on our actionsand decisions in life.

8. As what Edgar Allan Poementioned in his poem entitled TheRaven, &quotDarknessthere and nothing more&quot, all of the positive impacts that havebeen mentioned in the previous quotations would be efficiently andeffectively be implemented if darkness and emptiness in our heartsprevail. There will always come a time that we experience darknesswithin us as a form of challenges and trials in life. It limits ourcapabilities and our self-development as an individual. We are allpredetermined to experience certain darkness in life the way Godwants us to experience trials and challenges in our lives. Hence,darkness must not be overshadowing our hearts and minds.

In conclusion,I know that most of ushave different viewpoints on the concept of one unified culturecreated by God. We have different religions as proof of we believeand possess conflicting ideologies about life and its solidarity. Aswhat mentioned earlier, we are bounded by different cultures from thestart. What I just want to point out is how we respond to thechallenges and trials in life, regardless of your sexuality, yourreligion, your own sets of beliefs and customary traditions. We, asmere individuals, have the capacity to change our own lives. We areboth the masters and creators of our own destiny. We aim for a betterworld, a better self, and a better relationship with other people. Weare the rulers of our life. We have the power to influence others andthe society as well. It just depends on how we deal with it, and howwe respond to all of these.


  1. The book of Twain entitled Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is more of a fictional story that can be made applicable on real life. I give his work a grade of A for the interconnections of the chapters that he provided for the readers. He had expressed his goal of providing a summary of the different adventures done by Huckleberry Finn, from his dark experiences in life up to the good things that he had encountered. The story can be directly related to America, and to any other countries may be, as it provides a summary of historic events that cater the progress and development of the main character, the same thing that many countries also experience its growth and progress as one nation.

  2. The work of Kingston entitled China Men caters the customary traditions and practices of native Chinese people as well as the cultural tales exhibited in the story plot. I give his work a grade of C as many issues have been addressed relating China and the American history and culture. Moreover, the story had mentioned the suggestion of Chinese as the earlier discoverer of America challenges the authenticity of the western monologic record of discovery.

  3. Hurston`s Their Eyes Were Watching God is primarily concerned with the project of finding a voice, with language as an instrument of injury and salvation, of selfhood and empowerment. I will give a grade of B for this work since it portrays a more concerned theme that is applicable on the present generation. Moreover, the use of deeper words, meanings and explanations have added some spice on the course of the whole texts.

  4. Hemingway`s In Our Time is much more concerned about love and its corresponding consequences about life. I will also give a grade of B for this work since I know that most of us have experienced, at least, the romantic experience of what love is. Moreover, this work not only pertains to a specific person, but rather one`s love and dedication for the American country as well. It generated an analysis of how would we show our love and care not only to a single person but also to the less important things around us.

  5. Cisneros` Woman Hollering Creek is a book which reflects the author`s own experience of being surrounded by American influences while still being familiarly bound to her Mexican heritage as she grew-up north of the Mexico-US border. The issue of gender inequality has been addressed in so many aspects such that the social role of women, and their relationships with the men and other women in their lives have been frequently questioned. I would give her work a grade of C as well. Moreover, the identities which women appropriate as a result of relationships, and how these are connected with their roles in society.

  6. Morrison`s The Bluest Eye focuses on the issue of racial injustices and discrimination experienced by the Black African Americans. For this work, I will give a grade of A due to its applicability to the present situation of the African Americans as well as its contents and information related to racial discrimination. As what I said earlier, equality among every individual should be consistently followed, regardless of your culture and tradition. We are greatly bounded by the notion that we are created by God without any bias and that we have distinct qualities and differences that made each one of us unique Creations.

  7. Poe`s The Raven is something much related to the darkness of and emptiness of one`s life. This poem tackles the important things in our lives wherein the concept of darkness and evil coincide to form a more evil perception of life. I will give this poem a grade of A due to the strengths of the words that he used, most especially the different expressions and emotions that he conveyed to his audience. As such, being in a state of darkness does not mean we are alone and yet, we are only bounded by our actions that limit our thoughts about the good things in life.

  8. Paine`s Common Sense is all about the influence of the American government towards nationalization and patriotism. I will give this one a grade of C for its unclear notions about the impact of government on the improvement and development of the whole America. I know that the government leads the people, yet, the American nation are still the creators of their future state and that the government is just a mere supporter to guide these Americans into a right path. Hence, the individuality of each one of us creates the country and not solely to the power and wealth of the government of America.

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