The existence of God has been debated for thousands of years. The

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Theexistence of God has been debated for thousands of years. Thequestion whether God exist cannot be answered with absoluteassurance, and thus only the evidence that approves or disapproveshis existence can be analyzed. While some conclude that God’sexistence cannot be proven, some religions accept that God doesexist.


Withinnatural theology, the existence of God can be found in the truegospel message which is the bible. According to the bible, only afool says that there is no God (Psalms 14:1). God can be defined asan infinite spiritual being that created mankind in his own image. His characteristics are found in the bible and constantly debated.They include Holiness, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omnibenevolenceand Omniscience. Holiness is the main attribute that distinguish Godfrom human beings. The holiness of God is defined as pure andrighteous and wherever he appeared to his people such as to Moses inthe burning bush in the Old Testament, that place turned holy.Omnipotence means that God possesses unlimited power to do anythingsuch as creating the huge universe. In Matthew 19:26 the bibleclearly shows that God can accomplish anything and states &quotWithGod all things are possible.&quotOmnipresence means that God iseverywhere at any given time. As a result, most believers have faithand think that God is surrounding them at all times. On the otherhand, Omnibenevolence means that God is good at all times. Lastly,omniscience means that God has the complete knowledge of everythingand nothing is beyond his understanding. In Psalms 147:5 the biblestates that “God’s understanding is infinite” (Cienkowski,2009).


Humanbeing is a living creation of God and made up of two elementsphysical and spiritual. Subsequently, when one dies his/her bodyreturns to the dust until the last day when it will be reincarnated.Alternatively, at death the soul separate from the body. Thecontemporary church believes that the main aim of personal salvationis to live in heaven for eternity when one dies. Christians assumeimmortality will be enjoyed in a disembodied state, thus the materialexistence is unspiritual. Just as Jesus Christ’s body resurrectedfrom the tomb the day will come when he will return to take believersto the heavenly kingdom. Believers today have complete confidencethat their faith is based on solid historical facts that Christresurrected from the tomb. The crucifixion as well as theresurrection is the core beliefs of Christianity (Cienkowski, 2009).


Theuniverse was created by God. It is designed in a manner that shows anintelligent and purposeful being created it for it to function theway it does. The universe is viewed as having various nature thatinclude Monism, Dualism and pantheism. Monism is the perception ofoneness of all things existing in the universe either natural orspiritual, and made up of similar essential substance. Dualism meansthat the universe is made up of two major parts the “being” and“non-being” which provides the difference between God and humanbeing. Lastly, pantheism means that the creation idea came from Godhimself (Erickson &amp Hustad, 2001).


Myopinion is that God existence is real. I know this is true from thebible which demonstrate his existence in the resurrection,cosmological argument, Teleological argument and from religiousexperience. The emergence of many denominations globally has helpedhuman being to interpret the bible scripture by scripture. Therefore,Christians believe that the bible represent God revelation to mankind(Erickson &amp Hustad, 2001).


Thereexist many conflicting ideas into what is right and wrong.Furthermore, God gave everybody a conscience of differentiating theright from the wrong. For believers, the bible gives the ultimatestandard because the word of God reveals the absolute truth.Therefore, Christians can know what is right and wrong by firstaligning themselves with God (Oliphint, 2012).


Godcreated human beings with a purpose. In Genesis 2:18 God said thatman shall not live alone, and this is one reason of life to be inrelationship with each other. God created human beings man so thatthey should all love each other. The other purpose of life is to bein a relationship with God, and thus life is not pointless. Finally,God created man in his own likeness to have dominion over the earthand all his other creations (Oliphint, 2012).


Christianfaith is a state of ultimate concern and most Christians possess anelement of its knowledge, which drives them to the infinite realm.Therefore, believers tend to be driven by faith, which is awarenessof the finite he belongs. Core commitments that are consistent withmy worldview include evidence that God exist and that the traditionalGod is known as all powerful and divine. Therefore, if one believes that the universe must have been createdfor a purpose and the cause of its existence is a non-physical being,then this makean impact on my life where one has to live with expectations ofeternal life after death (Oliphint, 2012).

Finally,my worldview explains the existence of God and the reasons he createdhuman beings. This viewpoint performs best in the tests of worldviewand has provided the understanding about the reality of who is Godand why human being was created. This worldview is significantbecause it affects all my thoughts and actions guarded with what isbelieved to be true. The bible is the foundation of our actions andhas affected my thoughts and actions. Moreover, now there is a clearunavoidable reality that ultimately their will be an end to life.This worldview provides the final destination and the purpose as wellas meaning of life. Over the course of the class my worldviews havebecome stronger and make life bearable. As a result, life makes senseand this have continued to develop my commitment to the truth(Dawkins,2006).

Inconclusion, Godexistence is self-evidence and proofs of his existence demonstratesthat nothing in the world that moves can do it by itself. Therefore,another object must be the reason behind the motion and that God isfirst the unmoved mover and the prior cause of universe. Thisargument is based on natural philosophy where the first unmoved moveris necessary to cause an infinite regressive series. Secondly,nothing can cause itself and thus all things have an efficient causewhich is God. Additionally, the cosmological argument reveal thatthe existence of physical things now must have been caused bysomething non-physical which is God. The other evidence of God’sexistence can be derived from the argument from religious experiencewhich is also referred to the “self-authenticating witness of God’sHoly Spirit.” Most Christians come up with testimonies of mysticalexperiences which compose direct evidence of a communion with God ora supernatural being. In summary, our world views affect how webehave and also our beliefs.


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