Overcoming Challenges Faced When Welcoming International Students

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OvercomingChallenges Faced When Welcoming International Students

Whatchallenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Recently,my friend requested me to pick up new arrival students as well aslead them to check in. At first, I was a bit reluctant in acceptinghis request since I often feel shy when talking to people but in theend I accepted his request. I encountered several challenges as Iwelcomed the students. For instance, I could hardly comprehend whatthey were saying since they spoke English that had a lot of accentsfrom their native language (Gareis, 2012). As a result, some of themfound it had to say what they desired in an accurate manner. Most ofthe time, they complained that I was talking too fast therefore, Iwas forced to repeat most of what I had said earlier. As the dayelapsed I was able to overcome this problem by speaking slowly andtrying to be extra keen whenever I conversed with them in order tocomprehend all what they were saying.

Initially,I also had a hard time starting a conversation with the studentssince most of them were extremely shy to face me in fact, of themremained dumb whenever I tried to engage them in a conversation. Most of the time, I took the plunge to initiate a conversation inorder to encourage them to air out their point of views. This in turnencouraged them to speak boldly in fact, I was surprised to discoverthat we had many things in common to talk about (Gareis, 2012).

Inthe end I did an excellent job on guarding the students as well as inexplaining and showing them around their new school and environment.


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