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NewHam’s Public Health Needs

Publichealth needs are a major concern especially in the current time thatis characterized by changing lifestyles. In New Ham there are ninemajor public health needs that are identified in the Joint StrategicNeeds Assessment together with strategies that have been put in placeto address such issues. The nine priorities encompass lifestylefactors, wellbeing and emotional resilience, maternity and earlyyears, cancer and circulatory disease, education and employment, longterm conditions and disability, timely access to excellentservices/support, crime/fear of crime, housing (Newham London 2011).The current paper has focused on New Ham’s public health needs. Inparticular, the paper has provided interview questions and responses,report and refection of the interview, as well as the Joint StrategicNeeds Assessment.

InterviewQuestions and Responses

  1. What are the major public health needs in New Ham?

Majorcauses of death are known to be respiratory diseases, cancer,cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and circulatory diseases.Therefore long-term ailments are more prone to occur in Newham(Newham London 2014).

  1. What are the strategies that have been put in place to help improve Newham’s Health and well being?

Thereis need for a flexible welfare for promotion of change delivery if anoutcome of improved health is to be achieved as well as putting athin line in health inequalities with the UK and London within theborough (Newham London partner n.d). The following are some of themajor commissioning priorities over the strategies expected to be putin place. Healthy behavior promotion like healthy eating, not smokingand performing exercise, dealing with barriers to mental health toassist people remain in employment, looking at health conditionswhich are long term for example cardiovascular diseases, diabetes,cancer, and respiratory diseases and looking at the wellbeing andhealth of children. Execution of these strategies is the main concernwork stream that is expected to occur in a year. This is ademonstration of the commitment of the council towards thedevelopment of the region and delivery of change.

  1. What is the population of Newham?

Thepopulation is young and also diverse. Opportunities in New Ham areknown to be many. However, Newham has challenges too that need to belooked at. It has been the poor region in London in a span of ahundred years and more (Novick 2008).

  1. How would you describe the patterns of illness and poor health in Newham?

Thepopulation has inferior health results than their counterparts inother areas of the country. New Ham has hit position three inpremature mortality which is age 75 (Cowley 2007). Major causes ofdeath are known to be respiratory diseases, cancer and circulatorydiseases. New Ham is known to be number two in worst survival forcancer being a rate of one yea survival.

  1. What are some of the factors that affect health, including housing, poverty, employment and the environment?

NewHam is the second in terms of being the most deprived in authority inlocal area, it also tops in the rate of unemployment in the borough.There is severe inequality in Newham. The community should beincluded in sustaining healthy habits (Isaacs and Knickman 2004).Inequalities in social areas such as housing, unemployment, crime etcare some of the largest health causing factors. The likelihood ofsomeone living in poor area engaging in crime or drug misuse is high.

Reportand Reflection

Newhamcan be described as a remarkable place. The 2012 Paralympics gamesand London Olympic took place in this region. The population is youngand also diverse. Opportunities in new ham are known to be many.However, New Ham has challenges that need to be looked at. It hasbeen the poor region in London in a span of a hundred years and more.The poverty is extended to health issues. This region which is foundin the east end of London is extremely negatively affected in termsof health of its residents when compared to the country’s otherregions (Sallnow et al 2013). Therefore, a few methods have been setto improve the conditions of this region. The council of the regionhas laid out the ideas on how to make the region a more comfortableplace in terms of living, working and staying. They want to make NewHam a stable and prosperous community for the inhabitants.

Therewas a board set aside for checking and making sure the wellbeing ofresidents of New Ham are in order and that no one failed to receiveproper social and healthcare. Members of the board collaborate inmaking sure they identify the needs of the local people and inpersuasion of hiring of health services. There are severalresponsibilities for this council. Preparation of Joint StrategicNeeds and strategy for resident’s wellbeing is one of theresponsibilities of the council. Formulation of how collectivebudgets help in development of strategies. Proposing on the ways ofmaking the plans strategized inclusive of joint commissiondevelopments.

Astrategy of five years has been created to oversee that there ischange in health delivery to improve health inequalities and healthoutcomes within New Ham region. All partners in New Ham agree thatfor them to deal with the difficulties in health issues they arefacing in New Ham, they need to have new approaches of solutions.Several principles were set aside to support these strategies (Weare2000). The principles are a description of how the council and theNewham residents will unite as work towards achieving these goals.For instance, people will be shown ways of taking care of themselvesby giving them an understandable view on prevention and terminationof treatment that are expensive and yet are not really required bythe patients.

Thecouncil has recognized that some of the most important things thatcan be done for health promotion are generated by the broaderdeterminants. For instance, making sure that people obtain decentaccommodation standards and getting them work. This is indicated inthe council’s local vision. The following are four majorcommissioning priorities over the strategies. Healthy behaviorpromotion like healthy eating, not smoking and performing exercise,dealing with barriers to mental health to assist people remain inemployment, looking at health conditions which are long term forexample cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and respiratorydiseases and looking at the wellbeing and health of children (Snell2005). Execution of a plan strategy position is the main concern workstream that is expected to occur in a year. This is a demonstrationof the commitment of the council towards the development of theregion and delivery of change. Plans commissioning developed by majorarea partners is anticipated to show the principles and prioritieslaid out and the well being and health board plans will help inscrutinizing the same strategies (Acton 2012). Being the second interms of being the most deprived in authority in local area, it alsotops in the rate of unemployment in the borough. There is severeinequality in Newham in comparison to averages of London as well ashaving inferior health results than their counterparts in other areasof the country.

JointStrategic Needs Assessment

Theborough council’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)illustrate that New Ham’s life expectancy is escalating although itsticks at a lower rate in comparison men and women’s nationalaverage (Newham London 2011). Life expectancy space among the finestand most awful wards in New Ham has enlarged in the past year. Allage mortality has hit the highest point in London and New Ham has hitposition three in premature mortality which is age 75. Major causesof death are known to be respiratory diseases, cancer and circulatorydiseases. New Ham is known to be number two in worst survival forcancer being a rate of one yea survival (Stanhope and Lancaster2000). It is clearly set in New Ham the approach to challengesincurred by borough in methods of reforming public service. It isknown as constructing flexibility, dealing with personal issues,economic and community factors that act as a barrier to New Ham’sresidents. It is not a status quo but a quid pro quo approach (PublicHealth Association Meeting 2000). There is need for a flexiblewelfare for promotion of change delivery if an outcome of improvedhealth is to be achieved as well as putting a thin line in healthinequalities with the UK and London within the borough.

Byincluding the expertise of a variety of associates from health truststo East university of London, base which is broad will be created tomake certain that the objectives are met (Fabiani and Buss 2008). Thesuccess of the test which would be the first one year will show thatwork is being done in a different approach hence the achievement ofthe success. Therefore, as time goes on and the targeted five yearelapses, more long term success is expected to be seen. Inconjunction with the first year implementation strategy, there moreprinciples and priorities set to assist more in actualization of theobjectives, (Institute of Medicine et al 2002). Comprehensivedevelopment administration will however stand on its own departmentalproject preparations.

Onthe principle factor, the strategy is to deal with healthinequalities as earlier quoted. In order for this to happen, anunderstanding of health needs in New Ham’s population as earlierstated in JSNA is required. Improvement is done by making this dataavailable online to user and the borough community (Mays et al 2000).However, it is not just data that is needed for change to occur.Therefore a number of interlinked principles are required to improvethe borough’s wellbeing and health (Rowitz 2012). Prevention issuch principle where residents are encouraged to have lifestylechoices that help in the support of prevention of poor healthconditions. For example having healthy diets or performing exercisesbeside medical recommendations. This also includes secondaryprevention in cases where health problems have already occurred.

Flexibilityof changing of health systems is another principle factor (Instituteof Medicine et al 2012). There are people who do not adapt to changeeven if it is a positive change. Personal responsibility should alsobe a major factor. It starts from an individual for a principle to beeffective. Every individual should take responsibility of theiractions. The community is aware that things such as excessivedrinking of alcohol and smoking are harmful. Positive health behaviorsuch as more consumption of vegetables and fruits should beencouraged. Community networks should be encouraged (Orme et al2007). Influence plays a big role in people’s behaviors. Thecommunity should be included in sustaining healthy habits.Inequalities in social areas such as housing, unemployment, crime etcare some of the largest health causing factors. The likelihood ofsomeone living in poor area engaging in crime or drug misuse is high.The best way is to deal with the root cause of the problem. It isadvisable to consult with persons regarding their priorities inregard to health services received. There should also be consistencyin rendering of services to the people (National organization forpublic health nursing et al 1950). The practitioners should follow upon all members of the family but not just the individuals.


Inconclusion, the current paper has focused on public health needs inNew Ham. As indicated, the region has various health needs includingrespiratory diseases, cancer, circulatory diseases as well asdiabetes. It is true that every person should have access to health.For this reason, a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment has been put inplace in order to deal with the same. Some of the strategies beingutilized in the region include healthy behavior promotion such ashealthy eating, no smoking policy, exercises, dealing with barriersto mental health to assist people remain in employment, looking athealth conditions which are long term for example cardiovasculardiseases, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory diseases and looking atthe wellbeing and health of children. By implementing this, New Hamhas a high probability of guaranteed healthy lives for itspopulation.


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