Inception Movie Review

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InceptionMovie Review

InceptionMovie Review

ChristopherNolan spent ten years while writing the screenplay for Inception. Thehero of the film tests the youthful architect by challenging her togenerate a maze while Nolan tests the audience with a dazzling maze.Nolan had rewritten the story many times to ensure every change hadan undulation effect down the whole framework. The movie is aboutstruggling one’s way through differentiating reality and dream,reality without dreams and reality within dream. It was abreathtaking juggling act and Nolan considered it as Memeto (2000).The story involved a man who had a short-term memory loss. Theaudiences are drifted in experience and time similarly like the heroof the film. The hero explains that one cannot remember the startingpoint of a dream and the dreams that seem last for long may last fora short time.


Cobb(Leonardo DiCaprio) is a company raider of the highest order. Hecreeps into the mind of the other gentlemen to steal their ideas. Bythen he was hired a billionaire to introduce such an idea into themind of a rival and do it efficiently and effectively. The herodisagreed and argued that the mind everyone is alert on foreign ideaslike immune system does to pathogens. Cobb organized a team and therethe movie relied on the well-established procedures. Cobb assembled ateam. He needed to work with his long time associate Author (JosephGordon-Levitt) a master chemist, Yusuf (Dileep Rao) and a master atdepiction, Eames (Tom Hardy). Ariadne (Ellen Page) was a brilliantyouthful architect who was a prodigy at creating spaces in dreams.Cobb also involved hi father-in-law Miles (Michael Caine) who iswiser than all characters. Cobb was in need of an architect becausedreams keep on shifting. The assignment of Cobb was the inception orwellspring or birth of a new idea in the mind of another youthfulbillionaire, Robert Fischer, heir to the empire of his father. Saito(Ken Watanabe) wanted him to initiate ideas at would result to thesurrender of his rival’s corporation.

Cobbneeded Ariadne to create a deceptive maze-space into the dreams ofFischer so that he thought the new thoughts could slip inunperceived. Cobb tutored Ariadne on the world of dream permeation,the art of navigating and controlling dreams. Nolan also used thatdevice for tutoring the audience as well. The impression was theParis city which rolled back on itself. Protection of Fischerinvolved a number of gun-wielding bodyguards who were working asantibodies, which seems alternatively figurative and real. The ideais they chase explosions and scenes and many gunfights. Streets coil,buildings tilt and characters float are explained in the story.

Themovie had no simple through-line but was a perplexing labyrinth andinspired truly endless analysis on the web. Nolan helps people withan emotional thread. Cobb was motivated to risk the threats ofinception because he had grief and guiltier on involving his wife Mal(Marion Cotillard) together with their two children. Cotillardbeautifully embodied the wife in an idealized way. Cobb made Malfunction as an emotional magnet and their love provided an emotionalconstant in the mind of Cobb, which ceaselessly shifted. FromInception, people are always in the Now as the world worked forLeonard, the hero of Memento. Matters of life, heart and death areinvolved together with those of multi-national corporations, but noone can define where Here is. Nolan did not pause before usingwell-crafted scenes from espionage or spy-craft.

Outof context, Cobb was a skilled thief best on stealing precioussecrets in a dream state when the mind was at its most susceptible.The rare ability of Cobb made him a coveted player in the new worldof business espionage, but also made him an internationalmetaphorical and cost him everything he had ever loved. Cobb wasgiven a chance for redemption. The last job could give back his life,but only he would have accomplished the impossible-inception. Insteadof perfecting on heist, Cobb and his team of experts had to pull offthe reverse. The task by then was not to steal an idea but to try andplant one. If they succeeded, it could have been an ideal crime.There is no amount of careful expertise or planning can organize ateam for the dangerous foe that seems to forecast their every move.Cobb could have only seen that foe coming.


Inconclusion, from the film the people have learnt that no secret cansucceed involving two or more people. In our day today, people cansteal someone else idea, implement it and succeed in life. Commonlyhappens to designers, engineers and architects who steal ideas on howto design and construct either a building or road. Cobb had uniqueskills of entering people’s minds through dream and steals theirsecrets. The act of a person generating and developing a new ideawith no guidance or being taught by anybody generalizes that theperson is a genius. The movie is worth since there are meaningfulideas, which can be extracted from it.