Final Exit Essay

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FinalExit Essay

Thephrase from the article

“butI was extremely conscious that this was an occasion for properEnglish. I had taken out my English and put it on as I did my churchclothes, and I felt as if I were wearing my Sunday best in the middleof the week (Mellix, 1995).”

Fromthe above phrase from Mellix’s article, it is apparent that I havehad the same writing experiences just like Mellix. From the phrase,it is evident that Mellix had a problem in speaking a secondlanguage, which could contribute to problems in pronunciation ofwords in the second language. In this particular case, Mellix had aproblem in pronouncing some words in the second language, which henoted. This made her feel abashed that she could not do it.

Ihad the same experience, as an international student when I joinedhigh school. I had been brought up in a family, where both parentswere a blend of two languages. Because of this, English was not myfirst language, but I could know how to pronounce and spell some fewwords in English. However, one day I experienced some problems whileI was addressing my English tutor I pronounced some words andrealized that I had not used proper English. I felt embarrassedbecause I vividly realized I had made a mistake. I tried to face thesituation, but at the moment I could not due to frustrations.

PostHybrid/Online Class Student Questionnaire

Whatdid you learn?

  • What computer skills did you gain in taking this course?

Bytaking this course, I gained different computer skills. One of thecomputer skills that I developed entailed using the internet. Priorto the course, I did not know how to use the internet in searchingfor a certain reading material however, I am now proficient in doingresearch using the internet. Another computer skill that I developedin this course entailed how to use MS word. Besides, I learnt how touse different search engines in comparing information that ispresented by them.

  • What writing skills did you gain in taking this course?

Igained the following writing skills: writing thesis, correctformatting and citing sources using the APA format, proofreading forsentence structure and grammar, summary structuring and structuringessays

  • After taking the course, what do you feel was the most difficult aspect(s) of the hybrid course?

Oneof the most difficult aspects of the hybrid course was onlinetutoring I was not used to reading materials online. During thefirst week, I struggled with navigating through the internet since Idid not have proper knowledge in using the internet. However, thisbecame easy as I progressed through the course. Another difficultaspect in the hybrid course was disruption of the internet this madelearning become difficult sometimes.

  • What skill(s) do you need to continue to work on?

SinceI am not thorough in research skills, I feel that I need to developmore research skills in order to continue working on the course.

Evaluatingelements of the course:

Whatelements of the course did you find most useful? Briefly explain yourchoices

  • Group Wiki – this was helpful in this course because they helped in keeping in touch with the group members, which was fundamental to the course.

  • Prof. Blog – this is because they provided more updates concerning the course, suggestions on specific works, and general answers to questions that students have. This provided a better learning environment as the updates helped in adding more knowledge concerning the course.

  • Discussion Board – this was helpful because it aided in understanding the key requirements of the course. Besides, it was helpful because it helped in remaining focused.


Wasthe syllabus adequate for the course? Did it need more informationor contain too much information? Please explain your answer, briefly

Ifeel that the syllabus was adequate for the course since it providedinformation that provided all the required information for thecourse. Besides, I feel that the syllabus contained too muchinformation because there were very few questions posted by students,which was a verification that the information was more thansufficient.

Moduleslideshows and Notes:

  • Did you find this form of getting course materials effective in carrying out the individual assignments? Please explain your answer

Yes,through using the slide shows, it was possible to access them anytime, when a person needed some clarification regarding a certainissue.

  • Did you feel the length and content of the slideshows and notes adequate? Please explain your answer

Yes,I found the length and content of the slideshows and notes adequateto learning this course since the slideshows run for a few momentsbefore stopping. Besides, the content of the slideshows and noteswere sufficient since they provided all the details required in thiscourse.

  • What could have been added to slideshow and notes to help you accomplish the course’s tasks? Please explain your answer

Althoughthe notes and slideshows were adequate in terms of length andcontent, it could have been better to do this task with slideshowsand notes that had precise information. This could have helped inreducing the time that this course could take.


  • Would you recommend this course to other York students and do you feel that this course appropriate for all York students? Please explain

Iwould recommend this course to other York students since it will bebeneficial to them it is appropriate to all York students since itcan help them in gaining various skills such as reading, writing andresearch skills, which are beneficial in further studies.

  • What skills do you feel are important for a student taking this course? Please explain

Ifeel that all the skills taught in this course are vital to studentstaking this course this is because they will help students inwriting their research papers appropriately. Therefore, all theskills in this course are vital.

  • If there were one thing that you would change in this course, what would it be? Please explain

Onething that I would change in this course would be the way ofcommunication amid the professor and the group members. Rather thangiving weekly updates through the prof. blogs, I would propose thatthe communication be at anytime.

  • Are there any advantages to an online/hybrid course? What are these advantages? Please explain

Oneof the advantages of the online course is that a student is capableof accessing the learning materials anytime that the student wants aslong as he/she can access a computer with an internet connection.Besides, another advantage is that learning is easy as group membersprovide an excellent learning situation, where students can learnfrom fellow students.

  • What are the biggest disadvantages? Please explain

Oneof the biggest disadvantages is that there is no tutor to supervisestudents directly while doing the online course. Besides, there is apossibility of students not being serious due to lack of supervision.This implies that there is a possibility of laxity amid most studentsin handling the course.


Mellix,B. (1995). FromOutside,In.NewYork: Prentice Hall.