Everglades National Park

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EvergladesNational Park

EvergladesNational Park

Thepark is in Floridain United States ofAmerica where it shieldssouthern part of original&nbspEverglades.It comprises of tropical backwoods and wild animals and extends toeast of the&nbspMississippiRiver.The game park receives one&nbspmillion tourists annually.Itis third-largest nationwide park in subordinate 48&nbspstatesafter&nbspDeathValleyand&nbspYellowstone(Hammer,2010).Even though most U.S. national parks conserve only parts of itsgeographical features, is a first creationof its kind to protect the fragile&nbspecosystem.The Everglades consists of a network of wetlands and jungles fed byflowing rivers.

Itcontains mainly&nbspmangroveforest&nbspin western hemisphere and it&nbspisdomicile to&nbspthe threatened&nbspspecies,which include the Floridapanther,&nbspAmericancrocodile,and WestIndian manatee.It is habitant to 350&nbspbreeds of birds, 300&nbspbreeds of freshand saltwater fish, 40&nbspbreeds of mammals, and 50&nbspbreeds ofreptiles. BiscayneAquifer isthe main chief source South Florida`s fresh water. People live aroundit dating back a thousand years ago. In 1882, plans came up to drainmarshy, wetland areas (Hammer,2010).20thcentury was characterized by inflow of water into Lake Okeeincreasing water level significantly. The water had to be controlledto enable growth of fauna. Such activities led to the establishmentof the game park in 1934 that protected vanishing Everglades. In1947, it paved way for construction of a gigantic inland waterwayproject.

Theestablishment of the park was in 1934 as a way of protecting thequickly vanishing Everglades. In 1947, massive canal building projectwas initiated across Southern edge Florida. The biodiversity in has downgraded significantly due to humanbeing activities, and re-establishment of Everglades.

Diversityof life in the area

EvergladesEcosystem is a diverse collection of habitation connected bymarshland and water bodies. However, it is evident that humanactivities are altering Everglade’s scenery. Water diversion andflood management projects are easily observed in the game park.Farming and urban expansion, has reduced the size of Evergladesdramatically. The Everglades is surrounded by developments thatinclude cities of Lauderdale and Miami (Hammer,2010).Its swampland and wildlife draw large number of birders, boaters andother outdoor aficionado. TheEverglades provide services to people commonly known as&nbspecosystemservices.The waters of the Everglades support cultivation by provision ofintake water from southern Florida. The Everglade perquisite up itswater superiority by straining out pollutant and engrossingnutrients, refilling aquifers, and diminish flooding.

TheEverglades is known for its astounding nature ranging from Floridapanthers, crocodiles,manteee,and enormous birds. The assortment of Everglades’s habitat meansthere is also a great miscellany of plants. There are quagmire plantsthat range from saw grass, cypress trees to mangrove trees. Inaddition to that, there are hardwoods, and beautiful orchids.&nbspOver350 bird types are found in . The Evergladeshas many wading birds. Crocodiles live in Everglades and co existsmutually with alligators. The mainly live in fresh water channelswhere they dig out nesting and breed. Themost endangered animals in Florida are Florida panther, West Indianmanteee, and bottlenose dolphin. The Florida panthers are 80 innumber.&nbsp

Biologicalinterrelationships among life forms in area

Awide range of groups of people and animals live in Everglades makingit their habitat. Everglades are domicile for eminent rare animalsand flora. The quagmire, forests, fish, flora, and fauna depend onecosystem of Everglades. Unluckily, many of these are endangeredspecies in United States. The Everglades is a magnificent park withan assortment of plants, animals, fishes, and birds (Hammer,2010).The perpetuation of income helps to protect the environment alongwith flora and fauna. Affiliation always probes for ways to protectand defend life in park. Everglades’s population particularly thoseorganisms tend to pose as danger to extermination class&nbsp

Thebiological interrelationships help one-visit animals in park and viewthem. It helps in creation of mutual existence with diversesurroundings.&nbspThemassive seismic movement over 40 million years ago, erosion, and wearand tear have formed a serrated landscape filled with gorge, chasm,and pinnacle (Hammer,2010).Suchassortment to landscape and native nature can inhabit future ofbiodiversity in the park.

Describehuman intrusions threatening the area Everglades national park

Thebio network is out of equilibrium where native plants and animals arestruggling. Species from additional parts of the earth can takeadvantage of changed circumstances to establish themselves. Somespecies become a diminutive part of landscape, even as others thriveat the expenditure of native foliage and wildlife (Hammer,2010).When one introduces variety of species, putting further pressure onnative nature and threatens habitat. An all-encompassing species canincrease throughout new bio network, because it does not have naturalpredators from its inhabitant land to remain it in check. Invasiveclasses in Florida Everglades are introduced both on reason and bycalamity.

Alteringwater flows and natural pattern of wildfires allowed foreignvegetation. An illustration is the Burmese python reproducingthroughout the game park after being released by pet possessors whocare incapable of tackling care of large snakes. People invade parksand compete for prey with natives species. Humans eat the Cuban treefrog. The pythons in the park prey humans hence tourists visitingpark have to be careful (Hammer,2010).Restoring the Everglades ecosystem helps in prevention any newinvasion in park. The fortification plan is to protect and preserveEverglades and captures new gladiators in area.

Protectionto safeguard and maintaining Game Park

ComprehensiveEverglades Restoration Plan

Thestudy focus in fortification of land and it come into existence bylegislation in 1948 and mandated taken over from Florida’s existingwater management board. The project mainly focuses on water supplyand it has additional benefits to surrounding communities. It is themasterpiece in restoration program and covers a diverse area of landof 18000 square miles. It has over 60 elements and its cost is 111.9$billion. The marshy area in park is under Water Resources Developmentlaw. The law was passing in 1992 and Army engineers oversee it(Hammer,2010).The project seeks to rehabilitate water, remove any silt, andconserve water life.

Itprimary objective is capturing of fresh water that flows in area andunused ocean water in the gulf. It balances water and directs it toareas that is needed most. Preponderance of water is used inenvironmental restoration and reviving of dying ecosystem. Itbenefits farmers and surrounding areas since surplus enhances watersupply in Florida.

Effortsmade to further conservation

Landencroachment is highly discouraged in Game Park. The endangeredspecies are taken good care of by close monitoring. In the case of amedical emergency, they have a doctor who takes care of them. Theirhabitats are made conducive for existence and food at times issupplemented when not sufficient (Hammer,2010).Humans living in area are engaged in activities that promotewell-being of animals. Marathons and games raise funds forconservation of environment. The activities help make to raiseawareness of animals in the park.

Campaignsare carried out to educate people on significance of wildlife,benefit that’s are far reaching and how they can mutually existpeacefully in the area. Fencing projects are made to prevent humanwildlife conflict in areas where humans and animals conduct isperceived to be near. It helps in reduction of wildlife humanconflict since animals are concentrated on certain areas and not inother areas.

Additionalmeasures to protect diversity of area

Encouragementof tourism and regularly visiting Game Park helps one to get used towildlife and flora. The animals too get used and with time, it isprospected a relationship will occur among themselves. It helps themto perceive each other warmly. Promotion of tourism helps in bringingin funds that help in conservation of wildlife preserving diversity.Educating local people on the significance of plants and animalsfound in park. It helps in making it knowledgeable to locals’ theessence of conservation of surroundings and Game Park (Hammer,2010).Rollingout activities that help in conservation ecosystem that alreadyexists is another measure needs to be applied. An illustration issurrounding industries discouraging draining of wastes on swamps. Ithelps protect fauna in water and conserve it. Industries are to bediscouraged from emitting poisonous gas that may lead to loss ofdiversity in area by legislation.

Plantingof trees in towns of Florida helps in retaining the heritage of area.Installation of video cameras in game park to help mark the animalmovements and their behavior is much better than the usage of gamewardens in park since it makes animals uncomfortable.

Assesswhat is lost if intrusion goes unchecked. Appeal to biologicaldiversity.

Theloss of intrusion is disastrous in Game Park. So many people willencroach the game park. They will be loss of the biodiversity and theoutcome is killing of animals. Forests will be no more and humananimal conflict will be witnessed.

Everyonehas to join hands in conserving environment. Visiting of Game Parkhas to be encouraged. Killing of wild animals in park especial birdsshould be discouraged since animals have reduced in number and needto be conserved for future generations (Hammer,2010).The water should not be contaminated and if it is it have to betreated. Industries in Florida have to be on fore front in conservingthe environment. Mutual existence of the plants and animals is to beencouraged. Cutting down trees and grass is to be discouraged andallowing them to benefit from each other.

Waterflowing in and out of Game Park has to be monitored closely to avoidany instance of poisoning that may mean harm to both plants andanimals. Security forces have to be educated on how to protect thebio diversity and given mandate to arrest anyone who is destroyingit. Finally, a conducive condition has to be provided for the animalsto mate successfully since their reproduction caters for any loss ofanimals and for the future generations.


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