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Nowadays, with the increasingcompetition in modern society, people’s pressure of life isbecoming extremely greater. Equally, the relationship between peopleis becoming immensely cold. More often than not, people ignore tohelp others since they think people will have other purposes.Therefore, people have less contact in today’s society. On theother hand, people are becoming extremely dependent on technologybecause of the advancement of modem technology. They spend enormousamount of time playing games or searching the internet on mobiledevices (Detweiler, 2014). This is due to the fact that they do notknow how to interact with people and how to stay in seclusion. Thesetwo issues have had tremendous impacts on adults. As a result, theproblems cannot be solved solely at an adult level, but should startat the children level. Children are like white papers, and if peopledo not correct mistakes when they are young, they will have the sameproblems like adults now do have (Detweiler, 2014). Therefore, Ithink children should be informed that people must help each otherand must interact with one people. Furthermore, children must betaught how to stay alone.

In our lives, everyone cannotleave without other’s help, including children, but at the sametime, while we accept other’s help, we should help others who needhelp more than us. In the article “A Big Heart”, Nicky Vallee(2011) describes a successful businessman by the name Bruno Serato:he tries to help others as much as he can because his mother said“Never forget to help others”. In China, there is an unwrittenrule about never lifting up old people on the street because some oldpeople can blackmail you and tell other people it was you who knockedthem down. I never thought about what I should do if I see an oldperson fall on the road. One day when I was walking on the street, Isaw many people around by the road. As I got closer, I found out thatthere was an older person lying by the roadside but nobody tried tohelp her. I asked a viewer why he was not helping her. He said he wasafraid that the old people could blackmail him. I know many peoplehave this concern, and I know that there are some news related to oldpeople blackmailing the people who try to help them. However, I thinkI would feel so ashamed if I had not helped her. So I walked throughthe crowd to the older woman and took her up by her arm. I said thatI would take her to the hospital. The viewer said that I was naiveand I should not have helped her. However, I think I did the rightthing at that situation, and finally the older woman did notblackmail me. I think many people are too cold in today’s society,and children should learn to help other people. It is important tolet children know that helping people does not only make peoplecloser, but also make people trust each other.

The other lesson that I think isimportant to children is learning how to interact with people, andappreciating being alone. According to Nick Bilton, she tells usabout the opinion from MIT professor Sherry Turkle which is thatchildren should not use a device because it is important for childrento learn about solitude and being alone during early development.Children become more dependent in today’s society, and the realreason is that children spend too much time watching on devices andignoring how to interact with people and being alone. If parents givetheir children devices whenever the children are alone, children willfeel a sense of safety by holding the device, and they will beaddicted to playing with the device. Furthermore, looking at a screenfor a long time has negative affects on children’s communicationwith other people and they also don’t know how to be alone. Notonly children do not know how to be alone, but also adults. Forexample, someday my smart phone did not have power when I wasoutside, and I suddenly felt lost. I unconsciously took out my smartphone many times wanting to play a game, but I felt anxious when Irealize my smart phone was out of power. It is substantially a habitfor me to have my phone in my hands. I feel my phone is anindispensable thing in my life, and it helps me to overcomeloneliness. Children are more sensitive and impressionable thanadults which means that children feel more anxious and panic whenthey are alone without any devices. In another instance, one day Isaw two young adults at restaurant, and these two people were lookingat their phones for a long time without any communication.Face-to-face exchanges are reducing in today’s society. We willshare fewer and fewer times with family and friends. The result ispeople will not know how to interact with others in the future.Therefore, it is imperative to teach children how to interact withpeople and how to be alone in today’s society.

In conclusion, children shouldunderstand that everyone is not an individual in our society, sopeople should help each other. Helping people is not only a virtue,but also a trust. It helps people have more trusting relationships,hence making the society a better place. At the same time, childrenshould not spend too much time playing with mobile devices becausethey need to learn how to interact with people and how to be alone.Both of two lessons can help children to have a good quality and agood interpersonal relationship.


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