Do I have to have a Thesis?

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DoI have to have a Thesis?

Everyacademic paper requires a thesis statement, which serves to outlinethe central theme on what and why a writer seeks to discuss a giventopic in an academic paper (Aaron5). Thisessay seeks to highlight the importance of a thesis statement to awriter in his or her attempt to ensure that the academic paperremains relevant and on point to the chosen topic.

Anacademic paper begins with in an introduction which aims at offeringthe reader specific insights of what a paper entails. It is in theintroduction section of an academic paper that one expects to find athesis statement and thus come into terms with the paper content(Aaron5).The thesis statement offers the reader with the overview of theentire paper and helps in determining whether the content is worthreading through or not.

Thethesis statement therefore not only enables a reader to identify withthe topic in discussion but also helps the writer to coherentlyorganize paper content as expected. It also ensures that the writerfocuses on the main idea of a paper’s and relevance to the title.

Withouta thesis statement, the reader may fail to understand the aim of thepaper as much as the topic may be appealing to him or her(Aaron 5).There is also high possibility that without a strong thesis statementthe writer will loosely structure his paper resulting in a poorpaper.

Readersshould therefore critically address the question of what a thesisstatement ought to imply as a basis for presenting a good academicpaper. It is important to point out that the thesis statement shouldbe mentioned in the conclusion of a paper so as to ensure that it hasbeen comprehensively adhered to in the entire paper.


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