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CaseTreatment Plan


Communitycounseling professionals face clients with family issues that relateto their entire psychological and general life issues. To treat theseclients and lead them to healing, a community counselor needs tounderstand that he or she cannot handle all the concerns of theclients that he or she faces. This is because of the limitation inexpertise as well as the professional skills that are needed tohandle such extensive matters (Goldenberg&amp Goldenberg, 2008).To fulfill his or her role professionally, it is recommended that acommunity counselor recommends his or her clients to experts who canprovide some services that he cannot provide. This is important,especially when the services to be provided by another expert requirespecialized and lengthy recovery plans. To explore this element, thiscase treatment paper will focus on the family of Jeff and SandyWilliams, who have a diverse family problem that requires diversetreatment plan. Therefore, this paper will propose the services thatthe community counselor will provide and those that he will recommendfor expert professional help.

TheWilliams family is a home of four, Jeff and William as the parentsand two sons Jacob and Leo. Being married for 21 years has been anachievement that Jeff and Sandy feel they should not waste away.Jacob is 18 years old and suffers from Asperger syndrome. Leo, 15, isthe youngest and the only other child in the family. This couple hasestablished family support income channels with Jeff own a used car,while Sandy has been employed as a teacher’s aide at a localelementary school for 10 years. However, the couple has been facingfinancial problems due to business, yet the downturn in the economyhas created financial difficulty for him and Sandy. On the otherhand, their children have psychological and medical problems inaddition to the need for counseling especially for Leo. Moreover,William is an alcoholic with a drinking problem in addition to asocial alienation since he feels misunderstood leading to depression.

Servicesto offer

Asa community counselor, the capacity to help the Williams family willdeal with the counseling therapy and recovery guidance. First, thecommunity counselor will help both Jeff and Sandy to realize theirsituation and start the recovery process. In pursuit of this service,the community counselor has held two sessions and is continuing toprovide further counseling sessions. The result of this service andthe two sessions is the realization of the family situation describedabove.

Thesecond service that the community counselor will provide for theWilliams family is to offer counseling services to the wife Sandy.This will be to help her understand the family situation and guideher towards recovery. In addition, the community counselor willcontinue to establish the problems that the couple faces as well asissues that need to be addressed as part of the counseling session.

RecommendedServices by other Agencies

Toaddress the drinking problem of alcoholism by Jeff, the communitycounselor recommends that he attends a rehabilitation center. Inparticular, the community counselor feels that La Paloma TreatmentCenter is the best destination for the rehabilitation program forJeff. According to La Paloma Treatment Center (n.d), the centeroffers recovery programs and rehabilitation for diverse problems. TheLa Paloma Treatment Center (n.d) further illustrates that thefacility has a serene environment that Jeff can utilize for thepurposes of personal reflection and meditation. La Paloma TreatmentCenter address is 2009Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN 38114,and their 24 hour contact line is (901)505-6518 (LaPaloma Treatment Center, n.d).

Therecovery center has an online platform to train people and offerfollow up programs to their clients. This service will be importantto Jeff since he will need continuous monitoring after the recoveryprogram at the La Paloma Treatment Center. In addition, Jeff willneed a self-educational materials and advice that will keep himfocused on his life and avoid the alcoholism addiction for the restof his life. Therefore, the community counselor evaluates the LaPaloma Treatment Center as the most appropriate center for all theseservices in sundry. The recovery center charges varied fees for theirservices, but the service for Jeff will cost him (La Paloma TreatmentCenter, n.d).

Thethird service that the community counselor recommends for the familyis psychiatric help from Jeff. This will be needed for the socialalienation that he finds himself in and the feeling of lonelinesseven in the middle of his family. Jeff will also need medicalattention and expert advice of doctors as well as psychiatricattention. This will be important to the recovery process and willinvolve the discussion on his medical and psychological situations.

Moreover,Jeff will need to have these services at a close location to avoidtraveling and movements. Therefore, the community counselorrecommends Jeff to get medical and psychiatric attention fromCampbell Clinic. The hospital will charge Jeff around five hundreddollars for the services, but the figures may vary with the days anddoctors on duty. The address is 1400S Germantown Rd, TN, and the phone number is (901) 759-3100.(CampbellClinic, n.d).

Thefourth service that the community counselor recommends for theWilliams family is a different counseling session for the sons, Leoand Jacob. This service is important to help the two sons tounderstand the family situation and appreciate the efforts by theirparents. In particular, the counseling sessions for these two sonswill help each one of them to realize their paths in life andactivate their educational performances. This counseling will involveeducational counseling and academic guidance. Therefore, thecommunity counselor recommends that they receive this service fromthe Samaritan Counseling Center. The Samaritan Counseling Center isaddress is 200 E Parkway N, Memphis, and contact number is (901)729-3900 (Samaritan Counseling Center, n.d).

However,the services provided by the Samaritan Counseling Center for the twosons will be independent of each other. This is because theirpsychological needs are different and are defined by the problemsthey face. While Jacob will need a lot of psychiatric and generalcounseling to appreciate life and family, Leo needs expert advice onhis condition and how to appreciate life with such a situation. Thecommunity counselor will particularly be following up with SamaritanCounseling Center to ensure that he hands over the cases to thecounselors and psychiatrists as two different cases.

Anotherservice that the community counselor recommends is financial advicefor the family from a reputable financial consultant. This is becausetheir difficulties in finance and raising income may affect theirprospects in running their family smoothly. This is because it mayaffect their ability to provide the family with basic needs,education for their sons and medical attention especially for Jacob.The community counselor, therefore recommends Compass FinancialAdvisors LLC located at 795 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN, and thecontact number is (901) 762-0080 (CompassFinancial Advisors LLC, n.d).

Finally,the community counselor recommends medical attention for Jacob, whosuffers from Asperger syndrome. For this service, the communitycounselor recommends that Jacob be taken to an Asperger syndromespecialist at Memphis VA Medical Center. According to Memphis VAMedical Center (n.d), the facility has the capacity to provide thebest hospital care both as inpatient and outpatient. It is located at1030Jefferson Ave Memphis, TN and the contact number is (901) 523-8990(Memphis VA Medical Center, n.d).


Withthe family facing several problems that require diverse attention,the community counselor needs to understand all the dynamics of theissues presented. As a community counselor, I propose to provideservices that I will comfortably and successfully handle. Therefore,I commit to provide the service of general counseling for the familyand in particular the, Sandy. In addition, I offer to provide theservice of general guidance to the family, especially in selectingthe best and most appropriate services for the family. In thisregard, I will consult with the agencies that provide expert andprofessional advice and services and hand over the Williams family tothem as referral clients.

Theseservices will involve advanced psychiatric, specialized counselingand medical attention. Jeff will receive financial advice fromCompassFinancial Advisors LLC,psychiatric and rehabilitation service from La Paloma TreatmentCenter and medical advice and attention from Campbell Clinic. The twosons, Leo and Jacob will receive general counseling and educationalcounseling services for Samaritan Counseling Center. However, theservices will be provided independently. Finally, Leo will receivehis medical attention for his Asperger syndrome at Memphis VA MedicalCenter. With the provision of these services, from other agencies, Ibelieve the family will be on a clear path to recovery.


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