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ACase Study

Itis clearly evident from the case study that Bill is extremelyuncomfortable with his work and he does not derive satisfaction fromhis work place. This is despite the fact that he is earning ahandsome salary of over $ 100,000, which is higher than what a vastmajority of the working class people earn. The case study puts itclear that Bill has the responsibility or the duty of leading a teamof salespeople who work under him. Whereas competition at theworkplace is said to enhance productivity amongst the employees, itis evident that Bill does not appreciate the relevance of thecompetition that is exhibited by his team.

Accordingto the case study, Bill considers the competition amongst his teammembers as unhealthy. According to Bill, the employees are workingagainst each in order to earn the highest commission. Whereas amajority of leaders would encourage competition amongst subordinates,this is an issue that Bill needs to find a solution to. Bill has theresponsibility of coming up with an action plan or a strategy to dealwith the problem. There are various leadership strategies that hemust apply to ensure that he deals effectively with the problem.

Backgroundinformation (Analysis)

Itis evident from the case study that the issues at hand that Bill hasto deal with is people management. It is his duty and responsibilityto manage his subordinates and ensure that there exists a mutualbenefit and that the competition which exists is healthy and it leadsto increased performance. It is imperative to point out that the lackof satisfaction at the workplace that Bill suffers from is apsychological problem. The competition amongst the employees isassociated directly with the amount of commission they seek to earn.The employees have to work together and remain in the workplace toensure that they deliver what is expected of them. Although theamount of commission seems to be the man factor that leads tocompetition, it is vital to note that the standard compensation forthe salespeople is also a factor.

Therefore,it is evident that the issue at hand is how the team and theirleader, Bill, can work together in a mutually beneficialrelationship. Mr. Bill’s psychological problem mostly emanates fromthe prevailing working relationship with his employees, which is notworking in his favor. However, as far as some of the employees areconcerned, they may be contented with this scenario. The competitionamongst the employees is solely based on the amount of commissionsthey seek to earn. The employees are only concerned with the amountof commission they earn in regard to their performance. Competitionshould be done in a healthy way, where every employee gets whatrightfully belongs to him or her. Despite the psychological problemsthat Bill had regarding job satisfaction, he should direct hisemployees and resolve any problems which arise amongst the employees.


Inregard to the case study, it evident that there are variousstrategies that Bill can apply, which will help him in managing thepeople. It is evident that being firm in ones decisions is a keyprinciple of leadership. It is therefore imperative for Bill to befirm and perform his responsibilities as per the establishedprinciples of leadership. It is vital as a leader to communicate withyour subordinates where you explain to them all the rules andregulations that govern the operations of the organization. Bill hasthe responsibility of ensuring that all the employees are aware ofsuch rules and regulations. Bill must also ensure that he workstogether with the salespeople in showing them that they need to worktogether. Bill must guide the employees to realize that the successof the team is more meaningful than the success of one team member.

Heshould incorporate a program of how to reward employees for goodbehavior. This is a motivational aspect that has been applied innumerous situations and proved to be successful. It is an incentivethat can be debated upon, together with management. This strategywill ensure that the employees respect each other for mutual benefit.Interaction with employees is something that Bill cannotunderestimate. This will help him to understand underlying issuesamong the employees, which will consequently act as a basis for hissolution.

Inaddition, Bill must encourage and enhance his employees’ input.This can be enhanced by organizing a focus group discussion with thesalesmen. The groups will offer a platform through which employeescan air their views, as well as their grievances. This will offermore insight into the workers’ concerns and therefore enhancehealthy competition. The employees can as well find solutions forthemselves in the focus groups. Another aspect is by being a rolemodel to his team members. It is imperative for Bill to note that thesalesmen are looking up to him for direction and guidance.


Billmust take various actions in order to alleviate the problem thatexists at the workplace. To start with, he must communicate with hisemployees in regard to the rules and regulations governing theorganization. Bill has also the responsibility of informing thesalespeople of the need to work together as a team. Bill must alsotake the responsibility of assessing himself and establish what makeshim happy. There must also be an understanding between thesalespeople and the supervisor. Bill must also take the role of afirm and strong leader who follows the principles of leadershipstrictly. He must be the role model to the salespeople and must alsoshow them direction.

Howto increase your job satisfaction

Oneway in which Mr. Bill can increase his contentment in his work is bytaking his time to know himself. This means understanding andoutlining those things that motivate him. It is evident that the hugesalary is not sufficient to motivate him. Therefore, Bill mustunderstand himself and seek within him what satisfies and motivateshim. This will be a starting point towards ensuring that he issatisfied. The satisfaction in his job must come from within hisworking environment.

Mr.Bill should also take this scenario as a challenge to him as aleader. This will help him work harder and be proud of himself. Heshould take the whole issue in a positive manner. It will assist himto think on how to solve the problem. Bill should apply theleadership strategy referred to as the cross learn leadershipstrategy. This means learning more skills on how to solve managerialproblems from other departments or colleagues. This could give himideas on how to go around the prevailing scenario.

Itseems that Mr. Bill might also be experiencing some personal problemsthat he is not able to bring forward. So, he should try hard toimprove other areas of his life. This will make him happy andsatisfied in his job. Last but not least, he should remain positive.At the workplace, it helps in increasing optimism and looking forwardfor rewarding things in future. However, he should expect somerebellion in the process, but he should also stand strong if what heis doing is legitimate.


Formthe above discussion, it is evident that the problem that Bill ishaving is more of a psychological issue than a management issue. Mr.Bill must use the various strategies discussed above to ensure thathe resolves the lack of satisfaction psychological problem. Bill canmake his environment even more interesting by applying these tips.However, I would also recommend consulting his workmates who mightalso be experiencing the same kind of problems in their departments.He should be flexible by bringing forth any issues that are ofconcern to him as he implements the above recommendations.