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Dreamer Students

America is a land of opportunity that every person across the globedesires to go and make a living. Millions of people includingchildren illegally have migrated into American soil over the years.This lot of people constitute immigrant students who have come to bereferred as the dreamer students. This is a group of bright immigrantstudents who are not documented and are not legal American citizens.In a vast majority of the states in the United States, theseimmigrant students do not have access to funds that can see themthrough college education. In the state of New York, this is a vitalissue since it directly affects the future of these immigrantstudents. The federal government does not offer any funds or any formof financial aid to dreamer students in the United States. As aresult, the dreamer students can only rely on the states andcommunity’s funding in order to accomplish their educational andcareer goals.

It is imperative to note that dreamer students are dependent on thestate’s funding in order to accomplish their dreams. In New York,the state has not had any funding for dreamer students. New York hasapproximately 200,000 dreamer students who dream is to completecollege or university education. It is evident that theseundocumented students can be a vital workforce for the Americaneconomy. However, it is only four states in the united states thathave enacted law to provide financial aid to the dreamer students. Abill, the Dream Act was introduced in state of New York to introducea kitty in the budget for the undocumented students. Whereas in noway was the bill aimed at legalizing the dreamer students as Americancitizens, the New York state senate voted against the Dream Act. Theconsequence of this vote is that the 200,000 undocumented studentshave had their dreams shut right in front of them.

60-70 percent of Americans have been pushing congress to amend theimmigration act. In other words, Americans who are in support of theundocumented students need for financial aid are calling for theamendment of the immigration Act 2014 in order to recognize theimmigrant students. It is vital to note that a vast majority of theseundocumented student are Americans in every right. A vast majority ofthem have grown up in America and have attended their elementaryeducation in the United States they do not know any other home.There are over two million dreamer students in the United Stateswhose hopes and aspirations lie with the congress’s decision toamend the immigration Act 2014.

The issue of dreamer students in New York has taken a partisanapproach in the senate. Whereas a vast majority of the democrats werein support of the Dream Act, republicans strongly opposed it. In thevote that had 30 votes in favor of and 29 votes against the Act, onlytwo democrats voted against the Act. The consequences of the state ofNew York refusing to allocate funds for the dreamer students areimmense. The success of the dreamer students is solely pegged on theallocation of funds to finance their education. Numerous dreamerstudents will miss the opportunity to attend college and universityeducation. It is apparent that the dreamer students have careerdreams of becoming lawyers, accountants, teachers, engineers and manymore. However, the failure by New York State to allocate funds fortheir education has shuttered their dreams

It is also imperative to note that dreamer students can contributeimmensely to the economy of the United States in terms of taxes.Failure to provide funding for their education will have tremendouseffects on the economy of the state of New York.

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Whereas the Latinos’ population has been increasing at anexponential rate, there has been extremely few graduate students fromthe Latin community at the City University of New York. As a result,the university has embarked on various measures that are aimed atreaching this minor community. The university has been on thefrontline trying enhance diversity amongst its students and thestaff. One of the main measures by the university to attract Latinostudents has been the financial aid tool box for Latinos in the CityUniversity of New York (CUNY).

Under this program, financial aid and scholarships are extended tostudents of Latin origin in order to aid their education. Thisprogram is done under the Latino Faculty Initiative that theUniversity launched to serve students of Latin origin. For a studentto qualify for financial aid or a scholarship, he or she must be ofLatin origin. In addition, the issuance of the financial aid and thescholarships depends on the educational achievement of the particularstudent, as well as financial needs and personal strengths ofparticular students. The university seeks to double the intake of theLatino students through the provision of financial aid andscholarships.

The financial aid tool box for the Latinos is specifically set asidefor students from the Latin community. It is vital to point out thatthe Latin community is considered as a minority group in the UnitedStates and therefore the University views the community as beingunderrepresented. The financial aid is extended to students invarious departments and schools such as law, journalism among others.The financial aid is aimed at not only admitting, but also retainingthe students of Latin origin in the university.

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Muslim religious beliefs

Muslim, just like any other believer in any other religion havetheir specific beliefs and a supreme being to whom they ascribe to.In the Islam faith, believers only admit that there is one God whomthey refer to as Allah (Holý, 44). They also believe that Allahsent Prophet Muhammad to bring his word which has been put directlywithout any alterations in the Quran. The message that was sent byAllah through Muhammad is believed to be a revelation of Allah to allmankind (Hunter, 28). The religion of Islam and its beliefs ispracticed by people from all parts of the world and has a populationof approximately one billion people. This Muslims comprise ofAfricans, Arabs, Whites, Asians, Indians and other races. This is aclear indication that unlike Arab, Muslim and Islam does notrepresent any race.

Muslims have a strong belief that there is only one God who isincomparable. In addition, the Muslim faith also believe that mankindshould live for the purpose of worshiping God and not for any otherpurpose. Islam, according to Muslim believers, is the religion thatis universal across the world and it is complete (Hunter, 62). Theybelieve that Islam faith was revealed to all people across the worldmany years ago through people such as Moses, Abraham, Adam, Jesus andNoah all of whom the religion believes were prophets of God. However,Muslims believe that prophet Muhammad was the last prophet to be sentby Allah.

Although Muslims admit that there has been previous revelations byProphets from God, they assert that those revelations have beenaltered and do not represent the true and factual revelation of Allahto mankind. They believe that the Arabic Quran was only therevelation which was sent through Prophet Muhammad that was neveraltered and hence view it as the final revelation of God to mankind.

Muslims believe that all people are equal before the eyes of Allah.In Islam, every believer is expected to respect all mankind and theirdignity regardless of their color, religion, race or nationality. Itis also apparent that Muslims cannot judge people on the basis ofaspects that they never had control over such color, gender or race(Hunter, 112). It is interesting to note that there are no priests orpastors in the Muslim religion. In their though are peopleknowledgeable about Islam and their duty is to teach the otherbelievers.

Islam, the faith that Muslims ascribe to, has five significantpillars that guide its operations. Shahada or what is known as theTestify or the creed is the verbal acceptance or vow that Allah isthe only superhuman or deity. The creed also dictates that Muhammadis the true messenger of God. Prayer is the second significant Pillarof the Muslims (Holý, 89). Muslims must hold five prayers each daywhere they also clean different parts of the body such as the legs(Hunter, 85). Muslims must also fast in the month of Ramadan, whichoccurs every ninth month of the lunar calendar. During this period,the Muslims abstain from eating or drinking, engaging in intimateactivities and avoiding argument.

Muslims also believe in charity where they give back to the poor insociety every other year. Lastly, pilgrimage is one of the keypillars of the Muslims where every Muslim is required to go to Meccaat least once in a lifetime. They believe that during this time theydevote all their time to Allah alone.

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