American Men

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Themodern man is ideologically different from men of earlier centuries.The modern man has different definitions of what it takes to be aman. The modern man is self- aware and is he remains true to himself.The twenty first century man is a team player who takes part if teamactivities such as sports (Rotundo,1993).The man is a hero as he competes with teammates to get to the top ofhis team and also cooperates with team members for collectiveachievement. The idea is to bring out male passions of competitionand assertiveness so as to achieve the best results possible. Themodern man looks within himself to get motivation to do what is rightin society in all his endeavors.

Themodern man is also enjoys seeking pleasure and having a good time.The mantra is to work hard so as to afford pleasure. The mode ofseeking pleasure may be in the form of sports, women, entertainmentor affording the best clothes on offer (Rotundo,1993).The modern man is consumerist, and he works hard so that he canafford those things that bring him pleasure. The consumerist means ofexpressing manhood are less dangerous, and they define a manaccording to his ability to afford those things that bring himpleasure.

Themodern man is also a spiritual warrior who is in touch with hisdeepest self and offers moral guidance to young men. The modern manis naturally conscious of his passions and can connect with other menthrough these passions (Rotundo,1993).The modern man ought to be in touch with other men, and this meansturning away from female domination and establishing malefraternities that act as areas in which young men are offeredguidance on how to become proper men. The modern definition of a manhas made American men view women as a threat to their domain as theyare increasingly involved in male activities such as teamcompetition.


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