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Cultureand Research Proposal

HomeComputer: Dell – Inspiron One 23&quot Touch-Screen All-In-OneComputer is one of the most sophisticated machines in the ITindustry. The computer has managed to combine traditional computerfeatures like processor, CPU, mouse, and keyboard with sophisticatedoptions of wireless connections and combinations of the CPU with thescreen for advanced results. The culture under observation is underacademic and socioeconomic background. Social status emerged asinfluential due to advancement in technology, education andphilosophy. However, the influence of social status and classdifferentiation reflect disabilities in the connection between thetwo fields. The following research will be successful if theinfluence of the computer towards elites and IT experts extends toease of use and flexibility of the technology in enhancing customersupport and buying force. The other possible artifact in thisresearch is the Samsung PNF8500 that improves picture quality andcombines deep black levels of color as well as very good shadowdetail that undermines all the efforts placed by other televisions toproduce sensible results (Sawh, 2014). In addition to the televisionbasic details, the Samsung PNF8500 has four pairs of 3D glasses thatenhance pictorial representation and ensure that the presentationdoes not malfunction due to the sophisticated motion and voicecommand. It brings together upper class purchasers to experience itsfeatures and market it as the best in the market.

Samsunggalaxy S5 has been described as among the best phones due to itsuniqueness, the ability to combine research attributes with itsadvertised features. The phone has managed to combine science fictionwith realistic scientific features to improve communication throughsound detection, non-breakable screens and durable features. Thesefeatures make the phone one of the most favored among the rich due toits price and sophisticated features while gaining popularity amongthe contemporary youths.


Theresearch will evaluate the unique physical features that define theartifact in its original habitats. This will occur throughintegration of computer technology to beliefs held as true by themanufacturers and the users. Since this is a socio-culturalexperience, the research will consider pairing the expected outcomeswith the products’ lifecycle as well as the products’characteristics. This is expected to highlight the characteristicsof the artifact as well as make comparisons with an external productthat can be used in place of the artifact.


Inthe report, one of the expected findings is the presence of simplerand sophisticated access methods to computers and other informationtechnology barriers. Despite the fact that there have been variouschallenges in the implementation of accurate, precise, efficient andreliable persons, description of an artifact requires thoroughevaluation of current and past challenges.


Oneof the implications of the cultural revelation is that the computeroffers many packages that cannot be factored into the system by theproduct’s manufacturers.


Thefollowing research seeks to expand research on the artifact nature ofDell – Inspiron One 23&quot Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer, arecent donation by my uncle at our home. The computer offers some ofthe most sophisticated features and combines science fiction withadvanced technology to establish sophisticated and elite beliefsamong scholars and researchers. The computer connects withresearchers and high-class status as it breaks with traditional mouseaccess to touch screen experiences. It serves as a break fromtraditional information technology experience that hitherto relied onmouse clicks to access files compared to touch screen and wirelessaccessories in the new model. The computer serves as a breakthroughin computer programming and gamming technologies since it holdsadvanced gaming memories in form of Geforce Nvidia with Cuda internalmemories that can accommodate wide variety of games and graphics.

Theresearch evaluates the unique physical features that define theartifact in its original habitats. This occurs through integration ofcomputer technology to beliefs held as true by the manufacturers andthe users. Since this is a socio-cultural experience, the researchconsiders pairing the expected outcomes with the products’lifecycle as well as the products’ characteristics. Thishighlights the characteristics of the artifact as well as makescomparisons with an external product that can be used in place of theartifact.

Dell- Inspiron One 23&quot Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer, is a recentdonation by my uncle at our home. The computer offers some of themost sophisticated features and combines science fiction withadvanced technology to establish sophisticated and elite beliefsamong scholars and researchers. The computer connects withresearchers and high-class status as it breaks with traditional mouseaccess to touch screen experiences (Elliott, 2013). It serves as abreak from traditional information technology experience thathitherto relied on mouse clicks to access files compared to touchscreen and wireless accessories in the new model.

Dellis restricting its designs and products to sophistication, efficiencyand reliability. The new computer design is structured and designedto ensure that users do not increase expenses by purchasing externalgadgets like mouse and keyboards. The flexibility of the new Dellproduct makes it one of the most amazing products in the IT sector.Dell manufactures make it easy for traditional computer users to usein-built accessories, for example, mouse and keyboard, as itscurrently possible in the market (Elliott, 2013). In addition, theresearch sets a high distinction between poor IT users and richinformation technology users. The high-quality technology hindersparticipation of traditional students due to possibilities of cyberattacks and access to unauthorized information. The culture underobservation is under academic and socioeconomic background. Most ofthe current Dell users are perceived as experienced, knowledgeableand extremely talented in IT issues. The new computer establishesdifferences between traditional computer users and contemporaryusers, who are very specific about tastes, usability and efficiencyof products (Nelson, 2012). When an individual uses the new Dellmodel, society perceives the individual as highly talented,experienced and exposed to emerging technologies.

Peoplewho use touch screen computers and wireless accessories appearsophisticated and smart. However, this does not deter the users withwired computer accessories from using computers and makingsignificant changes. Otherwise, what happens among computer users isthe ease of use as provided for by the interfaces and the ease of useas provided for by the computer features. Dell – Inspiron one 23&quotTouch-Screen All-In-One Computer, associates its features with sleekand sophisticated persons due to the ability to use computer featureswithout touching the conventional mouse and keyboard (Elliott, 2013).Many computer enthusiasts have began concentrating their skillstowards remaining relevant within the computer advanced technologyrather than struggle with fading culture of wired keyboards andmouse.

Thedifference generated by the new model makes scholars, researchers andhome users to opt for Dell – Inspiron one 23&quot Touch-ScreenAll-In-One Computer rather that engage in competition between thefading ICT culture to the emerging wireless and sophisticated culturethat factors in all experiences that can be acquired throughobservation processes. The computer is sleek and has beenmanufactured using silicon chips that bring together processors,memories and circuit boards that sustain operations. The componentsin this artifact are made of durable metallics of silicon chips andenhance connectivity, durability and relevance among elites andcomputer users (Elliott, 2013). This demonstrates that the computermakes it easier for scholars to engage in thorough research due toits expandable features and ensure that interested parties learn,while also sustaining a difference in social class between thelow-class population and the upper class.

Thecomputer demonstrates the potential by the unattached features toexecute serious operations that cannot be executed by a normalcomputer. The computer serves as a challenge as well as a motivationamong high-class scholars and elites who pride in access and abilityto control and use sophisticated technology. The computer is unique.All artifacts must be unique to relate with traditional andcontemporary beliefs and cultures. For the new Dell model, uniquenessand reliability are some of the important aspects required to enhancesocial following, groups’ identity and connection with certaingroups in the society.


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